Western Washington Reflections: Call For Submissions

March 9, 2012

News, Washington

In 2011, The History Press published two collections edited by Colleen Lutz Clemens and Rebecca Helm Beardsall. The two books, Western Pennsylvania Reflections: Stories from the Alleghenies to Lake Erie and Philadelphia Reflections: Stories from the Delaware to the Schuylkill, brought together personal narratives with a focus on place. We’re teaming up again for a similar project in the Northwest…

Call for Submissions:

Editors seek personal narratives rooted in Western Washington State (I-5 corridor). Essays with a strong sense of place will be considered for inclusion in a Western Washington Reflections collection to be published by The History Press in 2013. The editors seek essays written by Western Washington residents and/or those who have a connection to specific locales in Western Washington.

The editors will contact authors for permission in the collection. Narratives should be no fewer than 2,000 words and no more than 4,000 words in length. Please note that authors accepted in the collection will need to provide 2 to 3 illustrations (photographs, drawings or other graphic materials) to complement the text.

Please submit your full essay and a short bio by August 31, 2012 to: PAwritingproject@gmail.com

For an idea of the series editors’ requirements, please see their previous collections:

Philadelphia Reflections: Stories from the Delaware to the Schuylkill

“Beyond the iconic landmarks of Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell is the Philadelphia the locals know. The gritty waterfront district, the vital farming suburbs and the immigrant communities of Germantown and Kensington are all part of the hometown face of Philly. From the bustling streets of the downtown of today and yesteryear to the bingo halls of Allentown and the Middletown Grange Fair, this collection takes the reader on a nostalgic journey through the cityscapes and suburbs…”

Western Pennsylvania Reflections: Stories from the Alleghenies to Lake Erie

“From the busy streets of Pittsburgh, to the sandy beaches of Lake Erie, to the rolling hills of the Alleghenies, the landscape of Western Pennsylvania shapes its residents in unforgettable ways. With this locally colored collection of vignettes, readers will be recalled to summers on Presque Isle, Thanksgiving in Paradise and the thrill of a Steelers touchdown…”

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