History Press Announces First Arizona Book

Like many people before her, travel writer Lili DeBarbieri fell in love with the desert mystique and Southwest charm of Southern Arizona. This summer, DeBarbieri teams up with The History Press to offer a unique new traveler’s guide to the region’s heritage: A Guide to Southern Arizona’s Historic Farms & Ranches: Rustic Southwest Retreats.

Experience southwestern heritage, culture, and cuisine while learning to rope and herd cattle, trail ride through the wilderness or make prickly pear syrup. With roots dating back to the mid-1800s, Southern Arizona’s historic guest ranches and farm stays include Spain’s first mission in the continental United States, a former World War II prison camp, a boys’ boarding school, and a Butterfield Stagecoach stop. Intimately connected to Arizona’s land and legacy, these unparalleled retreats have hosted countless artists, movie stars, and politicians and continue to enrich their present-day communities through food, education, and conservation. Pack your bags and join travel writer Lili DeBarbieri for a journey into the rural west south of the Gila River.

A Guide to Southern Arizona’s Historic Farms & Ranches: Rustic Southwest Retreats by Lili DeBarbieri will be available from The History Press and Arizona bookshops in July 2012.

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2 Comments on “History Press Announces First Arizona Book”

  1. Mike Levy Says:

    I’m looking forward to reading Arizona’s Historic Farms and Ranches: Rustic Southwest Retreats. Great subject matter. Will there be a book tour?


    • History Press West Says:

      Thanks Mike! Do you have a favorite Southern Arizona getaway? Lili will be doing a variety of book events once A Guide to Southern Arizona’s Historic Farms & Ranches hits the shelves… I hope you’ll be able to attend one! In the meantime, we’ve got a special HP West Arizona travel feature planned with Lili for July, so stay tuned!


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