Vintage History from American Palate West

February 10, 2013

American Palate, New Titles

This spring 2013, enjoy a taste of vintage American Palate history with History Press West…

California Vines, Wines and Pioneers

Sherry Monahan (History Press, March 2013)

California Vines, Wines and Pioneers adds a new dimension to the terroir that we taste in our wines today. Next time you enjoy a glass, toast our history.  –Peter Mondavi, Jr., Co-proprietor, Charles Krug Winery

California Vines, Wines & Pioneers by Sherry Monahan

Take to the wine trail and taste history in a glass with food genealogist Sherry Monahan as she traces the roots of California’s Wines, Vines & Pioneers. While cowboys and early settlers were writing the oft-told history of the Wild West, California’s wine pioneers were cultivating a delicious industry. The story begins when Franciscan missionaries planted the first grapes in Southern California in 1769. Almost a century later, news of gold drew thirsty prospectors and European immigrants to California’s promise of wealth. From Old World vines sprang a robust and varied tradition of wine cultivation that overcame threats of pests and Prohibition to win global prestige. Journey with Monahan as she uncorks this vintage history and savors the stories of California’s historic wineries and vineyards.

New Mexico Wine: An Enchanting History

Donna Blake Birchell (History Press, March 2013)

As long as we continue to make unique wines, using New Mexico grapes, our story just keeps getting better. —Henry Street, Ponderosa Valley Vineyards and Winery

Every vine has a story, and nearly four hundred years ago, New Mexico’s wine journey began when theNew Mexico Wine: An Enchanting History by Donna Blake Birchell first Mission grapes were planted in 1629. Taste this rich legacy, the oldest in the United States, in Donna Blake Birchell’s account of the turmoil and triumph that shaped today’s burgeoning industry. Despite greedy Spanish monarchs, prim teetotalers, and the 100-year flood’s gift of root rot and alkaline deposits, New Mexico winemakers continue to harvest the fruits of sun-soaked volcanic soils and clear skies, blending their family stories with the vines and traditions of the Old World. Raise a toast and join Birchell on the trail of New Mexico’s enchanted wines as she explores the heritage of more than fifty wineries in four distinct wine-growing regions.



Visit the History Press American Palate catalogue to browse more wine history titles. New books on Pacific Northwest Food & Wine and Willamette Valley Winemakers are coming soon!

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