New from American Chronicles: San Diego Yesterday

San Diego’s transformation from frontier outpost to vital port was a checkered one.

This spring, the History Press welcomes back author Rick Crawford for another round of San Diego history…

San Diego Yesterday by Richard W. Crawford

San Diego today is a vibrant and bustling coastal city, but it wasn’t always so. The city’s transformation from a rough-hewn border town and frontier port to a vital military center was marked by growing pains and political clashes. Civic highs and criminal lows have defined San Diego’s rise through the nineteenth and twentieth centuries into a preeminent Sun Belt city. Historian Richard W. Crawford recalls the significant events and one-of-a-kind characters like benefactor Frank “Booze” Beyer, baseball hero Albert Spalding and novelist Scott O’Dell. Join Crawford for a collection that recounts how San Diego yesterday laid the foundation for the city’s bright future.

For a regular dose of San Diego history and updates on author events, visit Rick’s San Diego Yesterday blog.

San Diego Yesterday by Richard W. Crawford is available from the History Press and San Diego bookshops.

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