New from American Heritage: Sacramento’s Historic Japantown

History Press West is proud to introduce a new title from the American Heritage series and author Kevin Wildie:

Sacramento's Historic Japantown: Legacy of a Lost Neighborhood by Kevin Wildie

By 1910, Japanese pioneers had created a vibrant community in the heart of Sacramento—one of the largest Japantowns in California. Spilling out from Fourth Street, J Town offered sumo tournaments, authentic Japanese meals, Kabuki and eastern medicine to a generation of Delta field laborers. Then, in 1942 following Pearl Harbor, orders for Japanese American incarceration forced residents to abandon their homes and their livelihoods. Even in the face of anti-Japanese sentiment, the neighborhood businesses and cultural centers endured, and it wasn’t until the 1950s, when the Capitol Mall Redevelopment Project reshaped the city center, that J Town was truly lost. Drawing on oral histories and previously unpublished photographs, author Kevin Wildie chronicles stories of immigration, incarceration and community solidarity, crafting an unparalleled account of Japantown’s legacy.

Sacramento’s Historic Japantown: Legacy of a Lost Neighborhood by Kevin Wildie will be available from the History Press and Sacramento bookshops September 2013.

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