Thank you for your interest in publishing with the History Press!

We’re always looking for knowledgeable historians and writers to help us bring America’s rich heritage to the page. While History Press authors come from a variety of professional backgrounds, they share an enthusiasm for enriching community and preserving heritage. Our books typically fall within designated series that are proven to attract readers and encourage sales. We’re also happy to consider non-series projects, as long as the subject is inherently local and there is an identifiable community that will relate to the work.

Looking for more information? For a full description of the series the History Press is currently commissioning, please visit the Series page or download a Publishing Brochure here. Also, visit the Authors section of to view author testimonials and frequently asked questions.

What Makes a Successful Proposal

The first step in the consideration process is completing and submitting a proposal form, which will help us determine whether the History Press is the right publisher for your project. A thoughtfully prepared proposal is extremely important;  the more thorough your proposal, the more seriously it will be considered. Spend some time reviewing the online catalogue at and consider how your project works with the History Press publishing program. Then:

  • Download a proposal form (Microsoft Word).
  • As you’re completing the proposal form, emphasize your strengths as a writer and your connections to the community you’re writing about.
  • Include a descriptive table of contents in the proposal. Detail how your book is significant to the community and distinct from other books on the subject matter.
  • If possible, send a brief writing sample and be prepared to submit sample images upon request.
  • Submit your proposal to, or visit the Contact page to find the commissioning editor in your area.

You can expect a response from a commissioning editor within six weeks. If your proposal is accepted, you will continue to work with your commissioning editor as well as our editorial, publicity and sales teams throughout the publishing process.

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